BASAO Gongfu Teabag Series Packaging-Archive Box

BASAO Gongfu Teabag Series Packaging-Archive Box


BASAO Gongfu Teabag series features a packaging system based on a visual concept of “Archive”, the set includes highlights of a drawer box and dedicated tasting cards. The user experience with BASAO teabags also had the “Archive” concept implemented in details; the box opens in a way how one searches through a file drawer, while the tasting card indicates the brewing tips as an index card, and the stacking of tea boxes display an exclusive and extensive collection of the brand. The packaging system was designed to communicate BASAO’s expertise in tea crafts, and the brand commitments towards artistry, authenticity and sustainability.



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Competing Projects 2021 - Winner 2nd Place Packaging

Wrapping Papers

Pouches, shopping bags and wrapping papers are used to protect and transport products after purchase, but are also an important way to promote the identity of a shop or brand. Wrapping papers are used to wrap gifts or valuable objects, and are printed on lightweight paper.

Papers Used:

萨维尔 素色

Uncoated Colours
Alternative Fibers Cotton ECF (Elementhal Chlorine Free) FSC® Mix

汀图 熙岚

Uncoated Colours
Acid Free ECF (Elementhal Chlorine Free) FSC® Mix Heavy Metal Absence Long Life Ph Neutral

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