A better paper

A better paper

Our paper starts its journey far away and travels in different forms to reach its destination. We try to improve every aspect of our production process every day, for our customers, for the environment and for ourselves. The choice of raw material, the use of water and energy – green energy – the production and management of our waste and our emissions. All to make a better paper.

Our commitment as it develops within Fedrigoni Group’s ESG policy, made up of concrete objectives for the environment, people and governance.

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Let’s talk about cellulose

Let’s talk about cellulose

Some people call it cellulose; we call it soul. And ours comes entirely from authorised plantations.

Since 2014 we only use Chain of Custody (CoC) or Controlled Wood (CW), FSC® certified cellulose, and for 2021 we have planned a further increase in CoC-FSC® certified cellulose in order to reach 87% of total cellulose used.

Adding water

Adding water

We have reduced our water consumption by 6.2% compared with 2019

Our goal is to return most of the water we use in our production process to the environment. To return it clean and at the right temperature.
This is why our plants monitor the quantity used in each production phase, and, where possible, use recycled cold water and substances that require a reduced consumption of fresh water.
This is why every year we carry out works to improve the purification capacity of our plants, and why we have planned an important expansion of the current water treatment system in our Arco plant.

For 2030 we have set the bar even higher. We want to recover 95% of all water entering the processes and lessen our environmental impact.

Using energy. As little as possible, from the cleanest sources possible.

Using energy. As little as possible, from the cleanest sources possible.

We have reduced our total electrical energy consumption by 14.6% compared with 2019

For over 30 years, Fedrigoni Group has equipped its main plants with turbine cogeneration systems powered by methane gas so that they are almost autonomous in terms of energy production. We have also installed, where possible, small turbines for the production of hydroelectric energy which, by using the available water, contribute about 5% of our energy needs.
To reduce our greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere by 30% (emissions – our goal for 2030), we are working on continuous energy efficiency, reducing consumption and using renewable sources.

Reducing our waste

Reducing our waste

We have reduced our waste production by 4.6% compared with 2019

The sludge resulting from water purification is Fedrigoni Paper’s main type of waste. In order to reduce it further, we have experimented with some of the latest innovations. In our Verona plant, for example, a new sludge-drying technology is being tested in order to achieve waste reduction and volume reduction and make it available for recovery in other sectors.
Our goal for 2030 is to produce zero non-recyclable waste.

Thinking about new products

Our goal is to increase the production of advanced ESG solutions in our product portfolio from 20% to 40%. How?

Recycled Material

We have developed coated and uncoated alternatives with a high content of recycled material, which may also come from waste, while maintaining product characteristics and performance as much as possible.

New packaging solutions

We are looking for new solutions that radiate naturalness, by minimising processing and adulteration (coloured pulp, unbleached and uncoated, visible fibres).

Alternative Fibres

As an alternative to cellulose, we have been exploring the use both of natural fibres (cotton, hemp, etc.) and of selected recycled fibres by using, for example, the by-products of production processes up and down our value chain, with a view to a circular economy.

Plastic to paper

We try to replace plastic with paper products that have a similar performance. Examples include scratch-resistant paper to avoid protective plastic wrapping and lamination; high-thickness paper for resistant, ecological gift packaging; paper with anti-mould treatment to replace the primary plastic wrapping, and certified papers for contact with food.

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Our commitment as it develops within Fedrigoni Group’s ESG policy, made up of concrete objectives for the environment, people, and governance.

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Discover more about about our sustainability journey