Savile Row Pinstripe

Savile Row Pinstripe

Uncoated Colours

Pulp-coloured uncoated papers and boards with a fabric effect. It is made with: 60% ECF woodfree pulp, 20% cotton fibres and 20% textile fibres and it is FSC® certified.

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Savile Row

Savile Row

Savile Row is a range of uncoated papers and boards with a fabric effect named after the famopus London street home to some of the finest tailors in the world. It is made using 60% E.C.F (Elemental Chlorine Free) wood-free pulp, 20% cotton fibre and 20% textile fibre and it is FSC® certified. The range is divided into three versions produced using technolgically advanced solutions: Plain, characterised by a slightly rough surface and available in six colours. Tweed: embossed to reproduce the iconic pattern and available in seven colors. Pinstripe: the pinstripe effect is generated on the paper machine using special patented technology: combining elegance with technical-functional characteristicsa, these papers are ideal for deluxe publishing, commercial and stationery projects. They are held in very high regard in the fashion industry.

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