Paper Snap®

The sustainable evolution for packaging is Paper Snap®, the single-dose packaging made with Fedrigoni recyclable paper, for liquid and semi-liquid products.
The design, created in partnership with Easysnap®, is human-centred. The packaging is accessible to everyone because it can be opened one-handed by folding in half.
Paper Snap®

For this project, Fedrigoni Group developed a paper with a specific fibre directionality that guarantees:

• perfectly centred incision and scoring (if the incision were too deep, the liquid would flow out; if the scoring were not clean, the package would be difficult to open);
• excellent surface printability for information on brand and product content;
• a suitable solution for contact with food.

• Recyclable materials to counter single-use plastics
• Prevention of food waste thanks to a measured supply of the product
• Reduced transport costs due to the compactness of the packaging
• No tear-off parts
• Energy saving in the production process

• Easily accessible to everyone
• Hygiene and safety thanks to single-dose format
• Long-life product storage due to lack of air inside
• One-handed opening makes it easy to use for children and the elderly

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