All the papers of the popular Symbol Card range have been collected in a single box, including the Symbol Pack papers: particularly appreciated by packaging professionals, these papers find their ideal context in particularly valuable paper converting processes, for the creation of packaging, covers, brochures, advertising materials.
The swatchbook opens with Symbol Pack, the collection characterized by its peculiar mechanical performance and high print quality, which make it optimal for the creation of luxury packaging. The beauty of the paper immediately emerges to the touch, with a weight ranging from 230 to 400 and the purity of the white color: coated on one side with a double blade, with a Satin finish, the papers are suitable for any type of finishing, with any technique of binding and folding, to create packages of various shapes and sizes.
Thanks to its versatility, rigidity and degree of whiteness, the Symbol Card series is excellent for any need. Double blade coated with Satin finish is available in both single coated with natural back (Symbol Card) and double coated (Symbol Card 2Side). In addition to the Premium White version, the box offers the EC50 and ECO100 versions, respectively containing 50% and 100% recycled material. With an even wider weight, from 210 to 540, the papers are characterized by print quality, accuracy of detail and resistance, making them ideal for packaging and box sets of any complexity.