Plymouth-based Brand Biscuit Studio launched a new podcast series called “Life in” to champion new perspectives around the creative industry and ignite creative partnerships. Kick-off event Life in Print was released last June 29 and Fedrigoni was among the speakers in the panel discussion about sustainable printing solutions and papers.

The ethos behind Life in Print was to provide inspiring ideas and to share what exciting options are available to enhance creative printed marketing solutions. In a digital age where the instant fix of online is ever present, the moment to capture consumers’ attention is short-lived. But there’s a real value and longevity to the physical quality of print, as well as a wealth of innovations that provide new options in terms of choice, sustainability and cost.

Oliver Gale, Sales & Promotions Representative at Fedrigoni UK, commented: “It was a pleasure to take part to this panel discussion and bring the point of view of a paper manufacturer. Our endeavors aim both to reduce the impact of our own production and to provide the creative industry with sustainable materials and technologies to operate with. For instance we have just launched Symbol Pack a high-quality board specifically engineered for folding boxes to ensure great quality of print both sides and avoid any cracking at the fold. We also offer a high barrier coating to provide resistance to water and grease. The new thermoformed pulp grade, éclose, offers an alternative to plastic cosmetics trays.”

Watch the full video of the event here.