The transition from plastic to more sustainable materials, such as paper, is underway: a phenomenon that implies a profound transformation in both design and everyday habits. To date, consumers in the luxury world are increasingly aware of the impacts of climate change and are attentive to sustainability. For brands, this means investing in innovation and new technologies, and above all rethinking packaging design. 


The good news for luxury brands is that every day there are new solutions in the paper world that balances premium quality and sustainable features to always guarantee unique sensory experiences. Creativity opens up new paths. 


Imagine all the possibilities of a waterproof paper: from functional menus for catering to shopping bags for luxury boutiques that are always impeccable even on a rainy day. In resorts, in hospitality, in retail, wherever humidity and wear-and-tear can be a problem, outdoor communications can be done using paper. 


One of the industries that has long understood the consumer’s need to eliminate, or replace, single-use plastic is that of beauty. With the growth of natural, vegan and more sustainable make-up lines, the first makeup palettes made in paper and card, inspired by the circular economy, are entering the market. From reuse to recycling, all for the benefit of a lower environmental impact, such as the project Neverending Palette Fedrigoni. Cosmetics and make-up with attractive packaging, in appearance and touch, which demonstrate how their packaging must honour what’s inside. Packaging is practically the product itself. 


New challenges arise in the world of design: how can we renounce the transparency of plastic, which showcases the product and the exact color, especially in the beauty and food sectors? By relaunching ideation and creativity. Transparency is replaced by colours, designs and graphics. Thus the illustrations on a box or a paper bag are able to capture or make us dream more than visibly seeing the actual product. Paper is imagination, and as a substitute for plastic it has less impact on the planet. 


New ideas arise from new needs. This is the case of single-dose packs, which are particularly topical, to comply with hygiene standards, but not only: gels and creams, which can also be used for condiments, or liquids and semi-liquids, to have on hand. Paper Snap, the result of a partnership between Fedrigoni and Easysnap, is made of recyclable paper. You just need two fingers to snap the packet open, making it highly accessible for anyone, from children, to the elderly or people with disabilities. 


At Fedrigoni Paper we design solutions and products that can replace plastic with an increasingly circular approach. We rethink, innovate, test and make progress.