éclose represents the future of packaging with low environmental impact: it is mono-material, totally recyclable, for solutions that make a difference. Made with thermoformed cellulose, it offers three-dimensional interiors and secondary packaging for perfume cases and high-end items, providing excellent definition of details: we can create square or round shapes, with elegant textures on the surface, ensuring the closure of the packages by buttons or buttonholes. 

We love it not only because it is a valid alternative to plastic, and therefore it is a future-oriented solution, but because it is so versatile that only by collaborating with the most creative minds in the industry we will be able to explore its full potential. 


Designers can express their creativity to the fullest, as the endless possibilities of éclose leave room for their imagination. Many formats can be created, with various dimensions, through which enhance absolutely unique luxury solutions.  The mechanical characteristics work flawlessly, for absolutely unique luxury solutions. 

Any Converter asks for reliability and simplicity in the materials they are working with: éclose offers all of this, facilitating the assembly phase in particular. 

Luxury Brands therefore have the opportunity to communicate their brand identity and iconic products through innovative formats, textures and unforgettable experiences: claiming their commitment to a positive impact on the planet. 


éclose is a “made in Italy” product, Aticelca® and FSC® certified: there are therefore many reasons to love éclose, the solution to create great packaging that makes you stand out. 


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