The Fedrigoni Group’s financial results from the past 12 months performed over the market expectations: from March 2021 to March 2022 over €1.7 billion in revenue (+9.8%), €250 million of Adjusted EBITDA (+16.4%) and €258.7 million of Adjusted Proforma EBITDA.
The business strategy adopted to reposition towards premium segments over the last 3 years has been fundamental for both business units: a 22% increase in Luxury Packaging & Creative Solutions, and a 20.7% increase in Self-Adhesive Materials & Premium Labels.
This solid growth demonstrates how concretely the company is implementing its development plan, during this challenging times for the whole world economy which has led the Group to become the first operator in the world of materials for wine labels and in the world of specialty papers for luxury packaging, and the third actor in the self-adhesive materials market. All of these extraordinary numbers were achieved with a strong commitment to sustainability, which is at the heart of the strategy every step of the way.  
“It has been an intense year” comments CEO Marco Nespolo, “but we have been able to firmly pursue our strategic plan, ensuring continuity of the business and keeping our commitments to customers, without neglecting the commitment to sustainability that now pervades all our decisions”.